Refuge Release!

My newest novel: Refuge, has just been released and is, as I type this, the bestselling science fiction and fantasy novel in the Amazon Kindle Worlds store!

This novel was a special opportunity to write in the wonderfully crafted world of Nick Webb, my friend and an author I very much admire. It was an exciting challenge to imagine new characters and challenges and interweave them into the timeline of his fantastic novel, Constitution.

A bit about the novel:

The Swarm has returned.

They attack mercilessly, wiping out all human life they encounter. Our best ships. Our newest weapons.

But Lunar Base won’t go down without a fight. Beneath its dome, medic Kadence Leigh pulls the wounded from the rubble and makes it her mission to get them to safety, Swarm or no Swarm. Along the way she acquires the help of a ragged group of Lunar Base survivors: a wounded admiral, an AWOL commander, and a renegade pilot.

They must set aside old conflicts and band together in a fight to survive the Lunar Base apocalypse. Will their combined skills be enough to save them from humanity’s most brutal foe?




My favorite part, though, was Nick’s amazing review of the novel after he’d read it. I’m still geekin’ out about it! I’m honored that he enjoyed it. You can read it on the Amazon page, too, but I can’t help but share it here, too:

“Refuge is brilliant. I feel like I’m reading all the cut scenes from Constitution, but which should never have been cut because they’re better than the original. The space battles are thrilling, the flavor and backstory added to the events of Constitution are compelling, and here I am, in bed, finishing the book in one sitting. I literally couldn’t put it down. Reading Refuge was like coming home and enjoying dinner with an old friend–except with more lasers and explosions.” – Nick Webb, USA Today bestselling author of the Legacy Fleet trilogy.

Pick up a copy of Refuge here: Refuge by Josi Russell