Guardians Audiobook Release

“The bright disk of the planet Lucidus hung in the morning sky.”

That’s the first line of Guardians. I loved that line when I wrote it, and I love it even more now that I’ve heard Patrick Lawlor read it on the brand-new audiobook edition of Guardians! No kidding, I’ve listened to the sample on Tantor Media a whole bunch of times. You should also listen to it:

Guardians Audiobook Sample

Hearing him read it just gives me that Lion-King-Hyena shudder. You know, when Banzai says “Mufasa!” and Shenzi says, “Oooooh. Do it again!”

Yeah, that’s me with that first line. He somehow captures all the excitement and mystery of being on a brand new planet with just the inflections of his voice. I can hardly wait to hear the rest. The talented Patrick Lawlor has done it again. Check it out!