Guardians Released Today!

Guardians, the second book in the Caretaker Chronicles, is officially released today!

It continues the stories of the characters in Caretaker, and introduces some new ones. I loved writing Guardians. When I found myself lost in Ethan’s story again, I remembered how much I liked him, and how much life he still had to live.

Because that’s how it is. We go through more than one great adventure in our lives, and just when we breathe a sigh of relief that a challenge is over . . . another one comes along.

The release of Guardians coordinates with the first day of LTUE: Life, the Universe, and Everything: a fantastic conference which I have been attending for over a decade. This year, for the first time, I’ll be presenting on various panels. A new adventure for me.

If you’d like to hear my colleagues and I discuss “The Competent Hero at Science Fiction’s Core,” Join me at 5:00 Thursday in the Cedar Room. If you’d like to know about strange forms of life, both real and imagined, hit the Bryce room at 9:00 Friday Morning. We’ll be exploring worldbuilding from the ground up when we talk about Tectonics in the Cedar Room on Friday at 2:00, and “Writing Military for Science Fiction” on Saturday at 11:00, also in the Cedar Room.

Friendly faces are always welcome! Come see me.