Welcome Back, Pluto

So we all love Pluto again, huh?

Remember when, just nine short years ago, astronomers demoted Pluto? Remember how we couldn’t say we had nine planets in our solar system anymore?

But now that New Horizons has flown by, everybody wants to be Pluto’s friend again. Why? Because Pluto is awesome.

Well, just for the record, I never stopped loving you, Pluto. And here’s why:

-I love that your name is easy to remember.

-I love that you’re adaptable. Your atmosphere changes from gas to solid as you go around your orbit.

-I love that you’re a little tiny guy out there on the edge of the solar system, standing between us and who-knows-what.

-I love that you have water.

-I love that you have a heart:


Image Credit: NASA/APL/SwRI

You’re my favorite little ex-planet, Pluto, and it’s good to see you again.

(For an amazing animation of how we’ve seen Pluto through history, turn on the Kenny Roger’s song “Through The Years” and click here: NASA Pluto Animation.)